LPG Cars Propane Conversion



LPG Cars Propane Conversion

How do LPG Cars Compare to Hydrogen Conversion?

LPG cars, or liquid propane gas vehicles, are becoming quite popular today as gas prices continue to rise. How easy is it to convert your car to LPG? How much does a propane conversion cost? And how do LPG conversions compare to the other popular hho hydrogen conversion options offered online?

LPG Cars Still Rare in the U.S.

LPG cars are still a U.S. rarity on the road today, compared to other alternative fuel cars like Toyota hybrids or fuel cell cars. The main advantage to LPG cars is the lower cost of fuel. Propane conversions are especially popular in Europe where approximately one in five gas stations offer LPG as a vehicle fueling option - often at half the price of normal 'petrol'. Propane conversion here also makes loads of financial sense when gasoline in Europe can cost nearly double what it costs in the US.

Most LPG Cars Use Dual Tanks

Most propane conversions involve the use of dual tanks with a switch mechanism located in the cabin. A friend of ours in Europe ran dual tanks and carried a propane station locator map in his glove box. He would run on propane as much as possible, then if there were no LPG stations within range, he would have to switch over to petrol until a station that offered LPG was found.

Propane Conversion Expensive?

To do a propane conversion in the States, it's possible, but you really have to be aware of refueling options in your area - propane filling stations for normal vehicles are rare, but some do exist. Also, because of increased EPA regulations, there are very few propane conversion kits for U.S. passenger vehicles available today. The average cost of a propane conversion by a qualified technician can range from $3,000 to $4,000. The cost of propane fuel is far less than gasoline per gallon, averaging around $2.86 at the time of this writing. However, you don't get quite as many miles to the gallon as you do with gasoline, so it's not like comparing apples to apples necessarily.

Hydrogen Conversion Alternative?

A hydrogen conversion on the other hand, is definitely easier to accomplish.  You can get an hho hydrogen conversion kit for under $250 on the internet, and there are thousands of people either installing simple hydrogen generators themselves or getting a friend or friendly mechanic to do it for much less. When you are searching online for the right hydrogen conversion guide, be sure to choose a plan that offers support. That way, if you have questions on installation or maximizing your mpg, you can get help.   

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