Best Diesel Fuel Additive



Best Diesel Fuel Additive

HOW TO Improve Diesel Performance in Your Car, Truck or Semi


truck save fuel There are many ways that you can improve diesel performance. The best diesel fuel additive is one that fits your needs. OTR truckers and every-day diesel vehicle drivers can save fuel with hydrogen-on-demand, energy conserving oils, liquid diesel fuel catalysts, and other tips and tricks you can read about below.   Truckers Looking for Ways to Improve Diesel Performance

Guys have had remarkable results with adding an hho to h20 diesel to their rig. If you are looking for an assembled, complete, ready made hydrogen generator ( hho system) for big rigs, then I suggest you check out these:  


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Look for Energy Conserving Oils that Increase Lubricity

According to the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, your fuel mileage can be improved when you use the grade of motor oil recommended to you by the manufacturer of your vehicle. The American Petroleum Institute places a performance symbol on motor oils today that says ‘Energy Conserving’ on the front of it. These motor oils have been approved as a friction reducing best diesel additive known to improve your fuel economy. To get the most out of your oil you should change your filters regularly and have your oil changed on a regular basis also. You can increase your fuel mileage by up to 10% when you change your oil and filter often and use friction reducing motor oils.

Waiting to Fill Your Tank = Less Weight

Another diesel secret energy saver knows that you shouldn’t fill your tank until it is almost empty. Many people fill their tank as soon as their tank is half way full because they believe they shouldn’t run the fuel tank that low. However, this is a popular myth. The less weight your vehicle carries then the better fuel mileage your vehicle will get. If you are carrying around 40 gallons of fuel then you will get less fuel mileage then if you are carrying around 5 because of the weight of the fuel. There is no reason to keep a full tank of fuel because you are using it up quicker than if you would at a quarter of a tank, unless you are on a long haul where time=money.

best diesel fuel additive  

Best Diesel Fuel Additive - Increase HP and Clean Your Engine

When you drive a diesel vehicle and you want to improve your performance then you should also think about adding a diesel fuel additive to your tank. Using diesel fuel additives can increase the horse power of your vehicle tremendously. You can also improve your fuel mileage up to 25% with an additive. The best diesel fuel additives clean out your fuel system and your combustion chamber. You can find additives for your diesel fuel in a pill form or in a liquid form in a bottle. Hidden Fuel recommends FFT Fuel Saver, engineered by a former oil company chemist - 100% guaranteed. When you call him, tell him sent you!

Tuning Into an Easy 5% Savings

Another diesel secret energy tip is that you should be sure to keep your engine tuned up. When your engine is well tuned then you get the most fuel mileage for each tank of fuel. For complete combustion you should consider new spark plugs and new air filters. You should always replace clogged filters and have your engine tuned. You can increase fuel mileage by up to 5%.

In addition to using additives, obviously, you must take proper care of your diesel vehicle to get the most out of your gas mileage and performance.

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